Photography tips

Good, clear pictures are an important part of offering your whisky bottles. Not only do you have a greater chance of getting more bids, you also prevent buyers from being dissatisfied at the end...

Use a neutral background

Use a single-colour (neutral) background when photographing the bottles. A neutral background prevents blurred details in the photo. The image is more peaceful and ensures that all the attention goes to the bottle.

Centre the bottle

Make sure you present the bottle neatly. By placing the bottle in the middle of the photo, you ensure a neat appearance and a clear image of your bottle.

Use natural light

Using natural light allows details to come into focus and prevents discolouration and unsightly shadows. Make sure to photograph your bottles in natural light (daylight). If you don't have that option, you can also try to get a good exposure with fluorescent light.

Do not use flash light. This can create harsh shadows and make the picture unclear.

Keep the camera steady

Keep the camera steady when taking pictures. It is difficult to see details in blurred photos. Interested buyers will ignore the lot more quickly.

Take pictures of all sides

Make sure you photograph the bottle from all sides. Sometimes there is important information on the back label. And for a collector the seal is probably the most important part of a bottle...

The following photos are the least you should do:

  • Bottle (different sides)
  • Original packaging
  • The level of filling of the bottle
  • Close-up of the seal
  • Bottom of the bottle
  • Any damage to the bottle, label or packaging

Show damages

Sometimes a bottle or packaging has obvious damage. And sometimes they are less obvious. It is important that you photograph all damages clearly, no matter how insignificant you think they are.

Our platform not only attracts whisky lovers who buy whisky to drink, but also collectors who want to keep the bottle closed. It is then important that they can see exactly what they are buying.

This is how you prevent a buyer from being dissatisfied afterwards.

Show what you are selling

It is important to show what you are selling. And nothing else. Do not use Photoshop or other enhancement techniques to make the bottle look better.

Just the bottle or packaging as you photographed it. By setting the exposure correctly in advance, there is no need to manipulate the photo.

Just the bottle

People come to our platform to buy whisky. Although you may have the looks of a model, you have to make sure that you don't get yourself pictured.

Taking good photos is not difficult. However, it can take a lot of time. Nevertheless, it is important to pay attention to them, because photos are a very important part of the presentation of your bottle.

Of course, you can always use our auction service as we take care of everything, from photography to shipping the package the buyer.