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European Whisky Auctions proudly hosts a monthly whisky auction featuring rare, exclusive and collectible whiskies. Our platform is dedicated to our users with a strong focus on security and usability. Selling and buying whisky never became easier!

3rd anniversary of European Whisky Auctions: exiting offers!

Join us in celebrating the 3rd anniversary of European Whisky Auctions in April 2024! To mark this occasion, we're thrilled to announce exclusive promotions for our sellers and buyers.

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European Whisky Auctions is the destination for anyone looking for the perfect whisky or the next addition to their collection. Each month, we carefully and passionately put together a stunning line-up - a wonderful selection from which you will hopefully choose the next addition to your whisky cabinet.

Join the excitement of the auction and feel the connection with other enthusiasts as you bid for that one bottle that makes your heart beat faster. European Whisky Auctions invites you to embrace the extraordinary world of whisky and seize the opportunity to acquire something truly unique.

As whisky lovers, we know how important it is to be able to trust authenticity. Each bottle is carefully checked to give you the peace of mind you deserve as you explore the world of sought-after whiskies.

Upcoming auctions

Our auctions are held on a monthly basis. An auction typically runs from Friday to the following Sunday, one week later. An auction closes if there has been no bidding activity on any lot for a continuous period of ten minutes.

  1. July 2024

    July 19th - July 28th
    Last bottle drop off: Friday 12th July.
  2. September 2024

    September 20th - September 29th
    Last bottle drop off: Friday 13th September.
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