Register bottles

At European Whisky Auctions there are two ways to sell your bottles of whisky. The first way is to do it yourself. Not in the mood? No problem at all! Then leave it to our experienced staff. So registering bottles starts with making that choice...

How will you auction the whisky?


Do it yourself

Are you not afraid to roll up your sleeves? And can you take good pictures? Then you can manage everything yourself. After logging in, you can register bottles in your personal area. Once the bottle has been approved, it will be scheduled for auction. As soon as the auction is over (and the buyer has paid for it), you are responsible for sending the bottle to the buyer.

Make sure to read our quickstart for selling whisky . And if you want to know more about auctioning yourself versus our auction service, this is a good starting point .


Use our auction service

Don't feel like doing all the work yourself to sell a bottle? Then use our auction service. We take care of all the work, take professional photos, do the marketing and handle the shipping. This also means that we take over the risk of shipping! And all that for a negligible amount per bottle... You can read more about our auction service here .

What do you have to do?

Never send bottles without first registering them with us. You can use our Excel form for this purpose. Or Numbers, if you prefer. You can download the files below. Once you have sent us the form we will contact you for the next step. It's as simple as that.

E-mail address to send the file to:

Do you have questions about selling whisky? Drop us a line and we're glad to help you out.