Terms of use

European Whisky Auctions B.V. (EWA) provides an online auction platform (the Platform) where you can discover, buy and sell rare, exclusive and collectible whisky. Users using the Platform are required to accept and comply with the rules set out in these Terms of Use.

Terms of Use

You can download the full Terms of Use of European Whisky Auctions as a pdf file.

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The Terms of Use consist of three parts:

  • General terms and conditions
  • Additional conditions for Sellers on Platform
  • Additional conditions for Buyers on the Platform

In addition, the Terms of Use may contain a number of appendices which form an integral part of these conditions:

  • Appendix A contains a glossary of all capitalised words in these Terms of Use.

Version March 2024

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European Whisky Auctions
Stavangerweg 23-16
The Netherlands
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+31 (0)50 - 8200 363
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