Smart tips for buying whisky

Buying whisky at European Whisky Auctions is easy and simple. But to avoid making a bad purchase, it is important to know what you are doing. Here you can find some useful tips.

Find that bottle!

How do you find that very bottle among all others? To help you with your search, we have built in some useful tools.

Of course, the search function is one of the most important features. If there is no current auction, it automatically searches the past auctions. If there is an active auction, you can choose between searching in the current auction or in past auctions. You can search by any whisky and distillery name and by the description of the lot.

In addition, we have added a bunch of smart filters. For example, you can quickly filter on the year of distillation. If a certain year is not represented at the auction, then that year is not available in the filters either. Clever and smart...

Use the watchlist feature

When you are bidding for one bottle, you don't easily lose track. However, it is different if you are chasing after 10 or more bottles... How do you keep track of your bids? Fortunately, you can mark your favourite bottles as... favourite. In your personal environment, you will then find all your favourite lots together. And from there you can also quickly make a bid if you are outbid.

You can find your favourite lots in the watchlist on your dashboard (you have to login first).

Inspect lot

If you have the highest bid at the end of the auction and any reserve price has been met, then you are the new owner. So make sure you are bidding on the right bottle. For example, take a close look at the pictures and contact the seller if the photos do not show everything you want to know.

Here some useful tips on how to convince yourself that you've chosen the right bottle.