About us

It all starts with love

Unconditional love for whisky.

European Whisky Auctions

100% of Dutch origin

European Whisky Auctions was founded by two whisky enthusiasts with the main goal of bringing whisky lovers all over the world together. Martin and Jelger are two down-to-earth entrepreneurs from Groningen with years of experience in IT and web development. From this background and a great love for whisky, the development of their own whisky auction was a logical step.

But above all, it was a long-cherished wish...

This is a promo video about European Whisky Auctions. This video is in Dutch.

Love for whisky.

For the drink, for the history and for the culture. Have you ever tasted old whisky? And we don't mean old in age, but old as in from ages ago. Decades back. Whisky from the sixties and seventies, which is often incomparable with today's malts. If you've tasted one, you know exactly what we mean...

That whisky is increasingly difficult to find these days. A pity, but also understandable. After all, with every bottle that is opened there is one less available. With European Whisky Auctions, we want to make the search for that one bottle easier.

Much more than auctioneers, we are allies on your journey through the beautiful world of whisky to find that very special bottle...