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Shipping rates

On this page you will find an overview of the available countries and the corresponding shipping costs as used in our auction service.
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As you could have read here, there are two ways to sell whisky through European Whisky Auctions.


The first way is to do everything yourself. You take pictures yourself, you register the bottle (we do have to check and approve it) and you take care of shipping it to the buyer. This also means that you, as a seller, have to set your own shipping rates. These will be included in the lot and invoiced to the buyer.


The second way is to outsource everything to us. Our staff will then take care of everything: from taking professional pictures to sending the whisky to its new owner. Of course, we wrap the whisky carefully. In addition, we use a specialised insurance company for the transport. That's a good thing for both seller and buyer!

Below you will find the shipping and packaging costs as they are used within our auction service. This does not include insurance costs, as these depend on the hammer price of the whisky.


Country Shipping costs
Bahrain € 50,50
China € 50,50
East Timor (Timor-Leste) € 50,50
India € 50,50
Israel € 50,50
Japan € 50,50
Korea, South € 50,50
Qatar € 50,50
Saudi Arabia € 50,50
Singapore € 50,50
Taiwan € 25,50
United Arab Emirates € 50,50
Hong Kong € 50,50


Country Shipping costs
Albania € 23,25
Andorra € 23,25
Armenia € 23,25
Austria € 17,25
Azerbaijan € 23,25
Belgium € 12,00
Bosnia and Herzegovina € 23,25
Bulgaria € 54,00
Croatia € 23,25
Cyprus € 23,25
Czech Republic € 21,50
Denmark € 17,75
Estonia € 54,00
Finland € 22,50
France € 17,25
Georgia € 50,25
Germany € 12,50
Greece € 54,00
Hungary € 22,50
Iceland € 23,25
Ireland € 21,75
Italy € 18,50
Kazakhstan € 50,50
Kosovo € 23,25
Latvia € 54,00
Liechtenstein € 23,25
Lithuania € 54,00
Luxembourg € 15,00
Macedonia (North Macedonia) € 23,25
Malta € 23,25
Moldova € 23,25
Monaco € 23,25
Montenegro € 23,25
Netherlands € 9,75
Norway € 23,25
Poland € 22,50
Portugal € 20,50
Romania € 54,00
Russia € 23,25
San Marino € 23,25
Scotland € 17,55
Spain € 19,00
Sweden € 22,50
Switzerland € 23,25
Turkey € 23,25
Ukraine € 23,25
United Kingdom € 17,55
Vatican City € 23,25
Slovakia € 22,50
Slovenia € 22,50


Country Shipping costs
Australia € 51,50
Fiji € 50,50
Marshall Islands € 50,50
Micronesia, Federated States of € 50,50
Nauru € 50,50
New Zealand € 50,50
Palau € 50,50
Papua New Guinea € 50,50
Samoa € 50,50
Solomon Islands € 50,50
Tonga € 50,50
Tuvalu € 50,50
Vanuatu € 50,50
Shipping and packaging rates

Is your country not listed? That means we cannot ship to that country. Unfortunately, users from those countries cannot bid.

This is usually due to the laws and regulations on alcohol in the country in question.

All shipping rates include packaging and handling and exclude insurance (as this depends on the value to be shipped).

To reduce shipping costs, we put several bottles together in one package, up to 6 bottles (1 six-pack). For the first bottle the full shipping costs are calculated, for every additional bottle in the package € 3,00 is added.

Please note that for shipments to countries outside Europe, a kilo surcharge may be charged by the carrier.

Notes on delivery

Shipping method

Your package will be shipped by Flespakket (PostNL, EU land transport only) and DHL (EU air transport + all non EU countries) together with their partners in the destination country.


Your bottles are packed in bubble wrap and shipped in custom made cartonboard (double walled) boxes filled with plastic/cartonboard chips to fill up the empty spaces. If the packaging can damage the bottle during transport both bottle and packaging are packed seperately.

In case of damage

In case of damage please contact us within 2 days after accepting the parcel. Also if the damage is cleary visible to the outside box please accept the parcel first from the courier and then contact us. Please include photos and a description of the damage. We will get back to you with a solution.

International customs & damage cover

  • All our products are subject to VAT (Value Added Tax) within the EU. From outside the EU you can order tax free.
  • Charges for customs clearance are for the customer. European Whisky Auctions does not have control over such charges. Parcels may also be opened for inspection and may cause a delay in delivery.
  • Please note that the customs of your country may damage or destroy the parcel while inspecting it. This is not our repsonsibility and no refund willor can be given.
  • Parcels returned by customs or any authorities will be refunded with the exception of shipping fees.
  • We will ship to your country at the customer's risk and we cannot guarantee delivery.

Special note for shipments with DHL Parcel (all non-EU destinations)

Customs can inspect your parcel and may impose additional taxes. These costs are for your account and cannot be reclaimed from European Whisky Auctions. Customs can open, seize or destroy your parcel and we cannot be held responsible. Also no refund will be given in case of damage or destruction. If your order is returned to us by any customs/authorities we will refund the value of the shipment. We will not refund the shipping costs.

We're here to help. And to start with, we have collected all frequently asked questions and listed them clearly for you. If you have any questions that we haven't been able to answer we would love to hear from you! Drop us a line and a member of our team will be in touch.