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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to register to European Whisky Auctions before buying or selling whisky?
Yes, you can easily create an account on our registration page . Registration costs € 5,00 (including VAT where applicable) to authenticate users and protect against illegitimate bidding.
Where can I find upcoming auction dates?
Great that you are interested in buying whisky at our auction! Every month we have a new auction with beautiful whisky. During 9 days you can bid on these bottles.

You can find the upcoming auction dates for 2024 on our auction calendar .
What is the minimum age to buy or sell whisky at European Whisky Auctions?
The minimum age for buying or selling whisky is 18 years old or the legal minimum age in your country if over 18.

Frequently asked questions about selling whisky

I want to auction a bottle. How do I start?
At European Whisky Auctions, you can auction whisky in two ways. You can do it yourself or you can leave it to us. You can read all about it in our quickstart for selling whisky . That is a good starting point.
Can I auction anything related to whisky?
Well, almost everything... At the regular auctions we only accept whisky. Once in a while we also hold a special auction for whisky related items such as books, art objects, cask ends and so on. Keep an eye on our website for these announcements.
Are there any bottles that you do not accept?
Yes, there certainly are.
  • Bottles with broken seals cannot be auctioned. An exception is made for broken customs seals (as long as the original bottle seal is intact).
  • Also bottles with a too low filling level (less than the low shoulder) cannot be accepted.
  • Bottles of which the label is too damaged will also not be admitted to the auction.
  • (Official) re-fill bottlings.
  • Finally, ceramic decanters of which the weight (as a determination of the filling level) is too low will also not be accepted.
Is it allowed to bid on my own bottles?
No, this is strictly forbidden and even considered illegal in many countries. We actively monitor this and as soon as we notice that people are bidding on their own lots (or via friends and acquaintances), we are allowed to immediately exclude these users from the platform.
I want to receive a minimum price for my bottle. Is that possible?
It is possible to set a reserve price as a kind of insurance. You can set a reserve price for the small amount of € 6,50 (including VAT). If the minimum price is not reached, the bottle does not have to be sold. If the hammer price is less than 10% of the reserve price, you will automatically receive a message with allowing you to indicate whether you still want to sell the bottle. However, this is not necessary.
How do I take good photos of my bottle?
Good photos are a very important factor for a good hammer price for your bottle. We have therefore put a number of photography tips together with examples. Use them to your advantage!
How do I ensure that my bottles reach the buyer in one piece?
This can be a real headache! Mail carriers do not always handle bottles in the same way as you do. It is therefore important not to leave anything to chance and to pack your bottle very carefully. Here are some practical tips .
What happens if my bottle is not sold?
If your bottle is not sold at the auction, we offer you the opportunity to relist it once free of charge. If your bottle remains unsold after the free reintroduction, you will have to pay the listing fee of € 2,00 again for each time you relist the bottle.
What fees are involved as a seller?
As a seller you have to pay the sellers commission (a percentage over the hammer price), a listing or registration fee for the bottle and a fee for placing a reserve price (if set). Additional prices apply to our auction service.

You can find the current prices here .
I am outside the European Union. Can I sell with you?
Yes, you can. However, there are some restrictions. You can only sell through our auction service . That means you also have to ship your bottles to us in advance. Always contact us before sending bottles to us! Also, as a seller you are responsible for any customs or VAT dusties when sending the bottles to us.
I do not want it to be known that I collect or sell whisky. Can you help with that?
Yes, you can. That's what our auction service is for. We take over the work so that you do not have to get in touch with the buyer of your bottle. Lots offered via our auction service are marked with a blue hammer. If you buy one, you remain anonymous as a buyer.
When will I get my money?
As soon as the auction is over, the invoices for the buyers are automatically generated and sent out. Buyers must pay within three working days. Once payment has been received, you will be notified that the bottle can be dispatched. Upon receiving it, the buyer must indicate within three days whether everything is ok or not. We pay out within five working days after acceptance of the bottle.
Who is responsible for the bottles at each stage of the auction?
It is the seller's responsibility to ensure the proper handling of the sale and shipment of the bottles. From the moment the bottle is registered until the moment the sold bottle is with the buyer, you as the seller are responsible.

If the seller has opted for our auction service, we are responsible from the moment we receive the bottle(s). The seller is therefore responsible for the shipment to our office. We are not responsible for damage due to customs inspection. If customs returns a package, the shipping costs are for the seller. These will not be refunded.

Frequently asked questions about buying whisky

I want to buy whisky. How do I start?
First, you have to register an account. Then you have to wait for an auction, browse the lots and place your bid. (Almost) easy as pie. You can read all about buying whisky in our quickstart .
How often are your auctions held?
We run auctions on a monthly basis. For nine days, you can bid on exclusive and collectible whiskies. See our auction calendar for upcoming auctions.
What is an autobid?
With an autobid, you let our system bid for you. You set a maximum bid, and the system bids for you as economically as possible. Every time someone places a higher bid, your autobid comes into action. Until the maximum is reached. This way you never pay too much and you don't have to keep an eye on the lot.
What if someone places a bid as high as my autobid?
An autobid always takes priority over a later bid of equal value.
Can I increase my autobid?
Yes, you can. But only as long as the autobid is active. Once it has been used up (i.e. maximum has been reached), a new autobid is processed as a new bid according to the normal bidding rules.
Can I outbid my own bid?
Of course you can. Sometimes you want to be extra sure of winning that one bottle. If you have the highest bid, you can always bid higher. The normal rules for making a bid then apply.
Can I withdraw a bid?
No. A bid made cannot be withdrawn. The only exception is if it is obvious that the bid is incorrect. This can be the case, for example, if you accidentally enter a 0 too many. In that case please contact our support as soon as possible.
When do I have to pay for the bottles I have won?
As soon as the auction is over, the invoices are generated and sent out. You will receive one invoice for all the bottles you have won. This makes things easier. The invoice must be paid within three days of receiving it.
How can I pay?
Within the Netherlands, payment can only be made with iDEAL. For users outside the Netherlands we accept credit cards. Please note that a surcharge applies for non-European credit cards. More information on payment methods can be found here .
I see 'Stripe' on my bank statement. What is that?
Stripe is our payment partner and takes care of all payments on the auction platform. We have chosen Stripe because this organisation has extensive experience in processing online payments. More information about Stripe can be found here .
Can I pick up my won bottles?
You can pick up won bottles by appointment. You can submit a request for this through your dashboard.
What shipping methods are available?
We typically use DPD, PostNL, and DHL Express as standard shipping methods. The choice between them depends on the destination. You can always request a specific carrier, and any additional costs will be invoiced.
Can I insure my package?
Yes, you can. We even recommend it. Once a package is handed over to a carrier, our involvement ends. The package is then beyond our control. Insurance is automatically included when you request the shipment of bottles. By unchecking this option, you acknowledge that you are consciously taking the risk.
What is covered by the insurance?
Loss and damage are covered by the insurance. Leakage due to aging (of the cork) is excluded.
What fees are involved as a buyer?
As a buyer you have to pay the buyers fee on the hammer price and shipping costs to your location.

You can find the current prices here .
Can you keep my bottles in storage?
Certainly. Storage is free for a period of ten weeks. This includes roughly three auction runs. This way, you can easily combine bottles from multiple auctions in one shipment and save on shipping costs.
What costs are involved with storage?
The first ten weeks of storage are complimentary. After that, a storage fee applies. It is calculated based on the insured value of the bottle (hammer price plus buyer's fee). Storage is billed after the free period for the duration of one year and may be extended if you choose to keep the bottle in storage. Refer to the rates for the current storage fee.

You can find the current prices here .
I have bottles in storage, but I don't want them anymore. Can you help?
"We offer the option to re-list bottles directly from your storage for the auction. You can find this feature on your dashboard.