3rd anniversay of European Whisky Auctions!

Celebrate with us!

European Whisky Auctions in Groningen is celebrating its third anniversary, and we're not letting it pass by unnoticed. We've set up some nice actions for everyone who loves whisky as much as we do. Here's what we've got in store for you:

At European Whisky Auctions, we like to keep things simple. No fuss, just a place where enthusiasts and collectors find each other, supported by a team as passionate about whisky as you are. Join in, celebrate with us, and grab your chance at those fantastic actions. It's our little way of saying thank you to you, for being with us.


For the next three months, we're offering you a 30% discount on the seller's fee for every bottle you auction with us in April, May, and June. Whether you have a cellar full or are just starting to collect, this is the perfect moment to share your collection and even make more from it.


Every month of our anniversary quarter, you have a chance to win an exclusive Kavalan Single Cask. Three chances to add a special bottle to your collection, just by bidding on the bottles you already had your eye on.

Bring your friends

If you introduce three new sellers, we say thank you with a € 150 voucher. Good for your next purchase or to spend on something special in our auction.

Here are the rules

Nice and clear without the fine print.

For sellers

  • That 30% discount? It applies to the seller's fee. But the fixed costs for lots remain the same. Check the rates page for the details.
  • The discount only applies to bottles sold during the April, May, and June auctions. Bottles that participate but don't sell are out of luck once the action period is over.

For buyers

  • Win a Kavalan Single Cask whisky each month? Make sure you're the highest bidder on one or more lots during that month.
  • More winning = more chances. Every lot you win is a chance in the drawing for the Kavalan. So, if you buy 10 lots, and you have 10x the chance.
  • The shipping of the Kavalan, insured and all, is - of course - on us.

Introducing new sellers

  • Whether you buy or sell with us, anyone can introduce new sellers.
  • Introduce three new sellers, and we'll give you a € 150 voucher. And yes, the more you introduce, the more vouchers you can earn. Guess what happens if you introduce 9... That's right, € 450 in vouchers!
  • The sellers you introduce must also become active in one of these three auctions.
  • Multiple accounts at one address do not count as a new seller account.
  • Use your voucher for the winning bottles or the shipping costs. We don't pay out in cash.

Simple, right? That's how we keep it fun and fair for everyone. Let's go!

One final note; where these ground rules do not provide, that is where we have the final say. Period.

Upcoming auctions

Our auctions are held on a monthly basis. An auction typically runs from Friday to the following Sunday, one week later. An auction closes if there has been no bidding activity on any lot for a continuous period of ten minutes.

  1. June 2024

    June 21st - June 30th
    Last bottle drop off: Friday 14th June.
  2. July 2024

    July 19th - July 28th
    Last bottle drop off: Friday 12th July.
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