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On this page you will find frequently asked questions and answers related to buying whisky. Is your question not here? Please do not hesitate to contact us !

I want to buy whisky. How do I start?
First, you have to register an account. Then you have to wait for an auction, browse the lots and place your bid. (Almost) easy as pie. You can read all about buying whisky in our quickstart .
How often are your auctions held?
We run auctions on a monthly basis. For nine days, you can bid on exclusive and collectible whiskies. See our auction calendar for upcoming auctions.
What is an autobid?
With an autobid, you let our system bid for you. You set a maximum bid, and the system bids for you as economically as possible. Every time someone places a higher bid, your autobid comes into action. Until the maximum is reached. This way you never pay too much and you don't have to keep an eye on the lot.
What if someone places a bid as high as my autobid?
An autobid always takes priority over a later bid of equal value.
Can I increase my autobid?
Yes, you can. But only as long as the autobid is active. Once it has been used up (i.e. maximum has been reached), a new autobid is processed as a new bid according to the normal bidding rules.
Can I outbid my own bid?
Of course you can. Sometimes you want to be extra sure of winning that one bottle. If you have the highest bid, you can always bid higher. The normal rules for making a bid then apply.
Can I withdraw a bid?
No. A bid made cannot be withdrawn. The only exception is if it is obvious that the bid is incorrect. This can be the case, for example, if you accidentally enter a 0 too many. In that case please contact our support as soon as possible.
When do I have to pay for the bottles I have won?
As soon as the auction is over, the invoices are generated and sent out. You will receive one invoice for all the bottles you have won. This makes things easier. The invoice must be paid within three days of receiving it.
How can I pay?
Within the Netherlands, payment can only be made with iDEAL. For users outside the Netherlands we accept credit cards. Please note that a surcharge applies for non-European credit cards. More information on payment methods can be found here .
I see 'Stripe' on my bank statement. What is that?
Stripe is our payment partner and takes care of all payments on the auction platform. We have chosen Stripe because this organisation has extensive experience in processing online payments. More information about Stripe can be found here .
What fees are involved as a buyer?
As a buyer you have to pay the buyers fee on the hammer price and shipping costs to your location.

You can find the current prices here .