Welcome back!

We are delighted to announce our revamped auction platform!


With this new version, the way you place a bid has changed. You no longer enter an arbitrary value but select a bid from a dropdown list. This significantly simplifies the bidding process.

Furthermore, from now on, every bid is considered as a maximum bid. If the current bid is 250 euros, and you bid 300 euros, a bid of 260 euros will be placed. This ensures you never pay too much and allows our auction system to do the work for you.

If someone else then bids 270 euros, your maximum bid will be automatically set to 290 euros. And of course, the system will not exceed your maximum bid. That easy.

Closing of the current auction

The closing procedure has also been changed. In the past, the auction closed with two lots at a time (per minute). This method has been abandoned for various reasons, one of the main ones being that we want each bottle to have an equal chance.

From now on, all bottles will close simultaneously. However, this will only occur if there has been no bidding activity for 10 minutes from 20:00 on the closing day. For instance, if a bid is placed at 20:43, the auction will be extended until 20:53. If there are no further bids within those 10 minutes, the auction will definitively close at 20:53.

After 22:00, the extension time will be reduced to 5 minutes, and after 23:00 (if the auction is still open), the extension time will be 2 minutes.

Delivery of your bottles

In advance, we cannot predict which bottles you will win at the auction. Perhaps 6 bottles fit in a box, but sometimes only one bottle fits in a box. To prevent charging incorrect shipping costs, you will first receive an invoice for the bottles you have won. After that, you can decide whether you want to store the bottles with us (enabling you to combine bottles from different auctions in one shipment) or if you still want them to be shipped. For shipping, you will then receive a separate invoice that you can also pay online.

Upcoming auctions

Our auctions are held on a monthly basis. An auction typically runs from Friday to the following Sunday, one week later. An auction closes if there has been no bidding activity on any lot for a continuous period of ten minutes.

  1. March 2024

    March 22nd - March 31st
    Last bottle drop off: Friday 15th March.
  2. April 2024

    April 19th - April 28th
    Last bottle drop off: Friday 12th April.
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