Auction service

At European Whisky Auctions there are two ways to sell your bottles of whisky. The first way is to do it yourself. Not in the mood? No problem at all! Then leave it to our experienced staff.

Do it yourself

Do you want to keep everything in your own hands? At European Whisky Auctions you can have your whisky auctioned but do the handling yourself.

The process is quite straightforward. You start by registering the bottles in your personal environment. Add some good pictures (also check out our tips for photography) and submit your lot. We check the data and if everything is ok we schedule the lot for one of the upcoming auctions. Don't forget to set shipping rates to the different destinations.

Then you can wait for the bids to fly in. After the auction has ended, we make sure that the buyer receives an invoice. As soon as the invoice has been paid, we will contact you again. You can then send the package to the buyer.

To recap:

  • Make sure you have an account.
  • Register your bottles.
  • Add some great looking photos. The better the photos are, the more the bottle will be seen!
  • We schedule the bottle for an upcoming auction.
  • Wait for the bids fly in.
  • If the lot is sold, you can prepare the package after the auction has ended.
  • Send the package once we have indicated that the payment has been received. Choose your parcel sender carefully as they do not always send alcohol to certain countries. Also the insurance conditions may vary.
  • Wait for the pay-out.

Shipping rates

Note that you must configure your own shipping rates. Without those rates, interested buyers cannot bid on your bottles. They will see the following message: "This seller does not ship bottles to your country."

Answering questions

Also note that you are responsible for sending the package to the buyer. If the buyer asks any questions through the Bottle Tracker, you will have to answer them.

Us doing the work

Don't feel like doing all the work to sell a bottle? Then use our auction service. We take care of all the work, take professional photos, do the marketing and handle the shipping. This also means that we take over the risk of shipping! And all that for a negligible amount per bottle ...

All you have to do is send us an (Excel) list of your bottles and make sure they are delivered to us.

Advantages of our auction service:

  • We do all the work.
  • We make sure the bottle is professionally photographed.
  • We answer questions of interested buyers.
  • We handle the packaging and shipping of the bottle.
  • We take over the risk of problems during shipping.*

In short: we take care of everything!

* Of course, there is some small print. European Whisky Auctions has a transport insurance to cover damages during transport. What we have no control over is that the package may be examined at customs, resulting in possible damage. Read also our notes on shipping.

Do you have questions about our auction service? Drop us a line and we're glad to discuss the options with you.