Shipping tips

The unpleasant thing about selling a bottle is that you actually have to say goodbye to it. And you also have to hand it over to the care of the postal services. On this page you will find tips on how to avoid the headache of shipping your fragile bottles...

Sold, now what?

If you don't use our auction service you are responsible yourself for sending the bottle to its new owner. Don't do this until you receive a message from us asking you to send the package.

After the auction closes, we will make up the balance and send an invoice to the winner, requesting payment within three days. As soon as the payment has been received, we will notify you by e-mail, and only then can you send the package.

Preparing the parcel

The disadvantage of glass is that it can break. The disadvantage of package deliverers is that you do not know how they will treat your package. These are two difficult aspects that are not always within your control. So it is very important that you do all you can to protect the bottle.

The following tips can help you ensure that the bottle reaches its new owner in good health:

  • Use a large box, so that the bottle has some kind of buffer around it. There are also special boxes available for sending bottles. These are very sturdy.
  • Wrap the bottle in bubble wrap or an inflatable protection bag. This will act as a first protection.
  • Fill the box with newspaper or filling chips so that the bottle cannot move around freely.
  • Tape the box securely shut so that it cannot be opened accidentally.
  • Mark the box as fragile or indicate that it contains breakable glassware. If you sell whisky frequently, you can buy pre-printed tape.

We advise you to always take a picture of the package as you send it.

About parcel services

For years you have cared for the bottle you just sold. Now it's going to someone who shares the same passion for whisky. How do you get it there?

There are many different parcel services. And all of them have their own rates and conditions. If you don't use our auction service , you are free to choose which parcel service you use. A few things are important.

  • It is important that you always check whether you can ship from your country to another country. This is not always possible due to local regulations on alcohol (which - as you might know - is an important part of whisky...). If you cannot ship to a certain country, you can disable this country in the shipping editor.
  • Wrap the bottle carefully. Very carefully! Did we already say carefully? There are horror stories circulating about the way parcel senders handle parcels. Make sure the package can take a knock or two. See the tips above.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the parcel senders carefully. Sometimes the sending of alcohol is explicitly excluded from their services.

We advise you to always take a picture of the package as you send it.


Many parcel senders offer the possibility to insure the parcel for a small fee. Although we do not make this mandatory, we always recommend insuring your shipment. You can add an amount for this to your shipping costs using the shipping editor.

If you choose not to insure your order, the responsibility lies fully with you as the seller. If something happens to the package, and you do not come to a solution with the parcel service, you are obliged to refund the full purchase price to the buyer. In general, this means that we refund the purchase price to the buyer. You can also find more information about this in our terms and conditions for sellers .

Track and Trace

For the buyer, it is nice to know where his new bottle is. For you, the seller, it is nice to know that the bottle has reached its new owner in good health. And finally, it is nice for us to know that everything went well and that both parties are satisfied.

It is therefore always mandatory to provide the package with a tracking code or Track & Trace code (there are different names). Most parcel services provide this as standard with parcels, but sometimes you have to obtain it separately.

You can enter the Track & Trace code in the bottle tracker. The buyer will be notified automatically.