Smart tips for selling whisky

Selling whisky at European Whisky Auctions couldn`t be easier. Here you can find useful tips for auctioning whisky, miniatures, memorabilia and whisky books.

Set reserve price

A reserve price is a hidden minimum price that you are willing to accept for a bottle. You are obligated to sell the bottle once the bid amount meets or exceeds the reserve price. Once set, during an auction you can only lower the reserve price, not raise.

Why should you set a reserve price? With a reserve price, you can insure your bottle against a hammer price that is too low. This prevents you from selling the bottle too cheaply. And why not set a reserve price? A reserve price can be a deterrent. In general, bottles without a reserve price attract more bids, which may result in a higher hammer price.

There is a charge for setting a reserve price . We can also refuse a reserve price that we feel is unrealistic in relation to the value of the bottle.

Create stunning photos

Good, clear pictures are an important part of offering your whisky bottles. Not only do you have a greater chance of getting more bids, you also prevent buyers from being dissatisfied at the end...

Besides, we know the saying that one picture says more than a thousand words. With good photos you can distinguish your bottle from other bottles, and it will attract attention sooner. Read our tips for great photos .

Watch your bottle

When the auction is live, you can relax and wait. Nothing beats watching the bids come in...

In your dashboard you can follow the progress of your bottles. There you will also find tools to share your bottle quickly on social media. A little extra attention for your bottle is never a bad thing.

Ship with care

Nothing is as important as a satisfied buyer. Therefore, pay careful attention to the packaging of your bottle. Of course you want the new owner to be just as happy with it as you were. Read also our tips for shipping . And important at this matter: there are many different parcel services. And all of them have their own rates and conditions. If you don't use our auction service , you are free to choose which parcel service you use. A few things are important. We have also included these as tips on the shipping tips page.